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EEC Approval Electric Cars

Cute EEC Approval Electric cars with two seats or 4 seats verions are available in our European warehouse. Please feel free to contact us for the details

Warehouse in Spain

If you are interested in this electric mini cars just contact us to check the stock of our European warehouses.

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  • 800W 3 wheels electirc scooter for elderly


    16% Off

  • SE01 terénní elektrické skútry 1000W 36V 12Ah max. rychlost 36km/h


    20% Off

  • SE05 Tučná pneumatika elektrické kolo E-skútry EHS schválení s lithiovou baterií 1200W 60V/20Ah


    19% Off

  • FM03 250W 25km/h elektrický skútr s lithiovou baterií 36V/7.8Ah


    33% Off

Fully electric cars are powered 100% by an electric motor and battery.

Fully electric cars do not burn gasoline or diesel and have zero tailpipe emissions.

Electric motors are an incredibly efficient and durable technology

Electric motr less maintenance and a longer life time than gas engines

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